Tailormade trips

Sultan Birding Trips

How it works

  • You have a group that’s interested in an Indonesian birding trip or you have a travel company outside Indonesia and want to offer a trip to your clients,
  • You let yourself inspired by all the destinations we offer,
  • You know how many days you want to spend, how many people you expect and in what period you want to go,
  • You pick the destionations that you like and that you think fit in your time schedule,
  • You pick the flavor that fits your group or clients,
  • You send us an email or inform us in an other way about your plans,
  • You don’t worry about logistics, accommodations or other difficulties,
  • We are making the puzzle, solve logistics and make an itinerary,
  • If it’s not possible to have all the destinations within the days you have, we give you a clear advise what to do,
  • We send you the itinerary with prices and conditions,
  • You give feedback and we optimize the itinerary to your wishes,
  • We agree on the proposal and arrange payments within our terms and conditions,
  • We arrange all the bookings of accommodations, transport and internal flights,
  • You arrange the international flights,
  • When the time is there we will be waiting for your group or clients at the international airport,
  • We will arrange the trip like planned,
  • We will take care of the clients completely with our team and partners,
  • We will bring them back to the international airport after the trip,
  • We will wave goodbye and hope that you will return soon.

Additional Services for international travel companies

  • We are willing to invite you to be our partner and to add your company to our trusted partner list,
  • You can use our descriptions and pictures to use at your own website,
  • We will put the trip you organize for your clients as a set trip with limitations on our website,
  • In this way clients from your country will come to you first if they get inspired by our website.
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