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Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia offers a range of private and small group birdwatching and bird photography trip covering West Papua Birding, Sulawesi Birding, Halmahera Birding, Flores Birding, Bali Birding and other hot birding spot in Indonesia

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Because of its vast size and geographical location, Indonesia has the world’s most diverse avifauna. It boasts of more than 1,600 species—of which 235 rare birds are only found in Indonesia—making it the world’s number one travel destination for bird-watching.

Sultan Birding Indonesia

Sultan Birding Indonesia proudly offers quality birding tours and holidays with specialist local birding companies and guides are among the most popular wildlife experiences in Indonesia.  Our tailor-made team can custom design your unforgettable birding trip to Sulawesi Islands, West Papua, Halmahera, Bali, and Flores.

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Noah Strycker

Monal and I had a great seven days on this island, and I hope I can return someday to see those few endemics I missed this time. You can see photos of many of these birds on Monal’s website and get inspired to visit Sulawesi, too!

Fiona Hume

What a wonderful seven days birding in Sulawesi, thanks to Monal, Anes and Sukri. My seven days with Sultan Bird Tours was just brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much to Monal, Anes and Sukri.

Sultan Birding Indonesia is the birding tour operator who has been arranging birding programs for birdwatchers and bird photographers from around the world to West Papua, Sulawesi, Halmahera, Flores & Bali of Indonesia.

Our services are ranged from medium to high category in lodging and meals depending on your needs. We provide packages including all services from your arrival until your departure. We help you to set the ideal itinerary considering your main requirements as well as the birds you want to watch during your birding journey in Indonesia.

We also provide transportation and a knowledgeable bird guide who will take you to the specific birding spot. Let us know the interests of your birding journey and we will be glad to advise and assist you in planning the itinerary that suits you better to fulfill your expectations.

We are not perfect and never be! But we are a local birding tour operator in Indonesia who is most involved in employing local people throughout the birding industry and has an impact on the local benefit on the birding area we are visiting. Sultan Birding company has a strong nature conservation ethic and provides environmental education and benefits to local communities.


Three of us—two from the US and one from Australia— recently took a two-week trip to West Papua and Papua. We were guided expertly by Monal, who not only knows the birds but shows great care for those on the tour. Two of us had traveled with Monal two years earlier in Waigeo and Nimbokrang Papua, so we knew already how well he operated his tours. Monal and his staff did an excellent job arranging the tour details and truly taking care of us as birding clients. We especially appreciated how well Monal integrated the local guides and drivers into the tours, treating them with respect, which added to the total experience for us. We look forward with great anticipation to the next tour we take with Monal and Sultan Birding Tours

Mr. Robert N. Wiedenmann

Birder, USA

My wife and I decided to visit Sulawesi for the first time over Lunar New Year and asked Monal to arrange the trip. We arrived on a Friday early afternoon and left on the following Wednesday afternoon, so we limited our activities to Gunung Mahawu and Tangkoko. From the moment he met us outside arrivals until he dropped us off for departures, Monal took care of everything – all the mechanics as well as finding the birds. Both places we stayed were excellent and both provided good bird sightings in different ways: the Gardenia Hotel has extensive grounds including trees, lawns, flowering plants, and ponds that attract many species including Barred Rails, Sahel Sunbirds, and Myzomelas. The Tangkoko Hill Cottage had a Chinese Sparrowhawk hunting in the early morning, as well as views of Grosbeak Mynas, Sulawesi Pygmy Woodpeckers, Drongos, and overflying Channel-Billed Cuckoos. The vehicles were comfortable and well-driven. The food was excellent and plentiful. Monal is very aware of what his clients want: which birds, the balance between birding and photography, and their speed and agility (or lack of). He constantly optimizes the plan and uses a set of helpers, sherpas, and guides to carry food and chairs, locate birds and help his guests. As a result, we saw many of the birds we wanted to see, even though conditions were not ideal and there have not been enough visitors to get back to normal following Covid. We saw over 80 species in our four and a half days, of which over half were endemic to Sulawesi and its islands. These included the endemics of Sulawesi Pitta and Scaly Kingfisher, as well as the normal Lilac and Green-Backed KFs, Sulawesi Bush Hen, White-Rumped Cuckoo-Shrike, Silver-Tipped and White-Bellied Imperial Pigeons, Superb Fruit Doves and both Cuckoo-Doves, Knobbed and Dwarf Hornbills, Minehasa Racket-Tail, Ashy Woodpecker, Philippine Scrubfowl, the endemic Malkoha, Brush Cuckoo, two White-Eyes, Drongo, Whistler, Great Hanging Parrot, Blue Flycatcher, three Flowerpeckers, Myzomela, Pale Blue Monarch, and several others. Monal was so disappointed that we had failed to see the Great-Billed KF on our trip into the mangroves that he insisted on scheduling an additional early-morning trip before taking us to the airport and it was successful! We were also lucky to see a Javan Plover, a rare species in this area.

We cannot think of anything Monal could have done better to improve our visit. He is meticulous in planning, friendly, energetic, and solution-oriented – he found a way of binding up Kim’s shoe when the sole was detaching, then personally spent an hour round trip on a motorbike to get it re-glued and sewn at a reliable shop. He’s always trying to improve your experience – listening for the next bird while you are scoping this one, moving you several yards to obtain a better angle for a picture, recommending a fish dish for lunch, changing plans on the fly to accommodate the weather and focusing on the areas most likely to yield the species you want.

Thank you Monal for an excellent trip and we will be back to see other parts of Sulawesi with you, and maybe Papua.

Tomohon & Tangkoko Birding Trip 20 – 25 January 2023

Rob Arnold

Rob & Kim Arnold

UK & USA Birdwathcers


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