Sultan Birding Trips



If you chose for this flavor, you take birding seriously. 

This means:

– we try our best to get as many species from your target list as possible,
– we do that both during the trip as during the design of the trip,
– we don’t mind to wait long, travel far or go for a second or third time to see a wanted species,
– if we’ve seen the species we go for the next one,
– target birds are target birds, no matter how small they are and how drab they look,
– we know that your trip is important to you and we go the extra mile to get your list growing.


EASY Birding

If you chose for this flavor, you like birds a lot and to enjoy them is more important than to tick as many as possible. 

This means:

– we bring you to the places where you can see the most attractive birds,
– we try to do that in the most efficient and most comfortable way,
– we give you time to really enjoy the birds and do not hurry to see the next one,
– you don’t have to know what species you can expect in what place,
– we prefer spectacular easy birds above rare drab species that demand a lot a effort,
– we love to learn you more about birds and don’t expect you to be an expert yourself.


Bird Photography

If you chose for this flavor, you haven’t seen the bird if you don’t have a (very) good picture of it. 

This means:

– we do not only try to find your target species, but we try to get them in the best photo conditions,
– we take the time for every bird and know that you can’t make gthe perfect picture in a hurry,
– we don’t mind to build hides and spend considerable time in there without making a sound,
– we realize that we will see less birds than normal birders,
– we don’t mind to attract species with food or playback sounds as long as we don’t harm them,
– we limit our groups so everybody can have a clear view of the wanted bird.



If you chose for this flavor, you like all nature and are mostly trilled by the biodiversity that meets the eye. 

This means:

– we go to places with the highest biodiversity,
– we stay longer in a place to fully enjoy everything and to discover new things every hour,
– we are not in a hurry at all and take the time to connect to nature,
– we explain nature to you and let you see how things are connected to each other,
– we don’t forget about the birds, but can spend considerable time to watch beautiful butterflies or orchids,
– we try to stay in accommodations in the middle of nature whenever it’s possible.

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