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Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia offers a range of private and small group birding tours throughout Sulawesi, Halmahera, West Papua, Java, Bali, Flores and Lesser Sunda allowing birders to select from a variety of destinations.

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Tangkoko had been on my to-go list since 2011 after seeing some kingfishers shots from a fellow birder on his mobile phone. I love kingfishers, so this is definitely a must-go place for me. However, i only managed to visit that place 3 years later (really Dang GuGu等久久 for me). This pix showed the kingfishers i had shot at Tangkoko (great-billed, lilac-cheeked, sulawesi dwarf, green-backed) and Tomohon (blue-eared). The other kingfishers you can get there are ruddy, collared, sacred and scaly-breasted.

Thanks Monal and his team for the wonderful birding experience there. I managed to get all of my target kingfishers at Tangkoko, plus the red-bellied pitta (now known as Sulawesi Pitta) too. We didn’t managed to get the scaly-breasted kingfisher at Tomohon though, but i know that kingfisher was relatively harder, so my expectation was set lower to reduce the disappointment.

I heard before that birding at Tangkoko was tough, as one needs to climb mountain and trek for some time. Yes, it was tough, and it didn’t help when it was raining during our trip there. But once you got the target birds, it was all worth it. Monal’s team would provide field chairs for you to sit comfortably at the rest points, and biscuits and fruits would be provided. You need to eat to replenish all the energy lost, haha. Another great experience was that the local guides would go to search for the next target birds while we were resting, and we would proceed once they found it. This reduced any unnecessarily walking.

Many friends wrote to me asking about the cost and service after seeing my post. I’m happy that more become aware of Tangkoko/Tomohon from my postings. As shared in my reply, I couldn’t compare with other guides as i didn’t try them before, but i was very satisfied with Monal’s service for my engagement

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