West Papua Birding

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West Papua Birding Trip

Sultan Birding Indonesia offer and organizing birdwatching trip and bird photography trip to birding hotspots around West Papua of Indonesia includes:
Waigeo in Raja Ampat Islands: lowland and hill forest for Wilson’s bird of Paradise, Red bird of paradise, Brown headed crow, Western crowned pigeon, Raja Ampat Pitohui, Waigeo brushturkey, Common paradise kingfisher, Yellow billed kingfisher, Rufous bellied kookabura, Papuan dwarf kingfisher, Papuan frogmouth and other endemics

Arfak Mountains: montones forest for Western Parotia, Magnificent bird of paradise, Superb bird of paradise, Arfak honeyeater, Long-tailed Paradigalla, Arfak Astrapia, Vogelkop Bowerbird, Vogelkop Whistler, Vogelkop Owlet-nightjar, Smoky robin, Feline and mountain owlet-nightjars, Black Sicklebird and other bird species.

Jayapura-Nimbokrang area: lowland swamp-forest for Twelve wired bird of paradise, King bird of paradise, Pale billed ssicklebill, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Lesser bird of paradise, Blue black kingfisher, shovel billed kingfisher and other bird species.

Biak: lowland and hill-forest remnant, bird lists Biak white-eye, Biak Gerygone, Biak Monarch, Biak Fantail, Biak Flycather, Biak Myzomela, Biak Paradise Kingfisher, Biak scops owl, Biak hooded Pitta, Biak Coucal and other bird species.

Baliem Valley; Mountain forest and grassland, Splendid Astrapia, Snow mountain Quail, Snow mountain and Black brested Mannikin.

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Introducing Birds of Paradise and Birding in PAPUA, Indonesia

Indonesia, with over 17.000 islands, makes this “island nation” the fourth richness country in the world, in terms of numbers of bird species and number one country in terms of bird species endemism. Today, IdOU’s (Indonesian Ornithology Union) bird checklist compiles 1.595 (about 16% of the world’s total) recorded species in Indonesia. One of very important islands that supports Indonesian birds’ habitat is the island of Papua. Papua, Indonesian New Guinea or Irian-Jaya, is one of the four main big islands in Indonesia. It shares the western half part of the whole New Guinea Island with its sister country Papua New Guinea (PNG) on the east part. Papua covers a total area of 416.000 km2. Papua is 810km away from North Australia and 3,520 km from Indonesian capital city, Jakarta. It is an undiscovered world of pristine tropical rainforest with its eternal snow capped mountain ridges of more than 5,000 meter high.  The various topography of New Guinea area reflects the complex patterns of the bird distribution. From the some 725 species recorded (Beehler, Pratt & Zimmerman’s Birds of New Guinea, 1986), 101 are endemic to New Guinea, where 39 are at West Papua part (Jepson & Ounsted, Birding Indonesia, 1997).

Birding in West Papua of Indonesia – Sultan Birding Indonesia
Birds photography and Birdwatching in West Papua of Indonesia is exciting but difficult and demanding, although the rewards can be fantastic and some charismatic groups are simply “world class”, birds of paradise, kingfishers, parrots and pigeons being abvious examples. Talking about birds here are usually shy, weather and light conditions often challenging, the transport problematic, terrain difficult and the logistic problems. West Papua has 322 of the endemics of the island of New Guinea (94 %), compared to Papua New Guinea’s 294 (86 %). West Papua is also considered the safer alternative to PNG for seeing birds-of-paradise.

Travel in West Papua of Indonesia is quite challenging but has improved immeasurable of late, although the infrastructure may be far less developed and it is advisable to have a good level of fitness to trek steep trails and wet muddy conditions or hot humid lowlands. The walking effort is mostly moderate (easy in only a few areas). Access to the Arfak Mountains used to involve much strenuous trekking, but conditions have now been greatly alleviated by the construction of a road up to the village in Arfak. Even so, hiking the trails in this area will still be quite demanding at times as they are steep in parts. For the Arfak in particular, you need to be fit and agile, with a good sense of balance.

The best time of the year to do birding trip in West Papua of Indonesia, is that which avoids the north-west-monsoon wet season from November to March, though highland area are, of course, likely to be quite wet at any time. Most of our birding trip are made during the Northern hemisphere holiday from July to October.

West Papua 12 days / 11 nights – SULTAN BIRDING INDONESIA
Day 01 Sorong Airport – Express boat to Waigeo
Day 02 Waigeo island
Day 03 Waigeo island
Day 04 Waigeo – Sorong
Day 05 Sorong – Manokwari
Day 06 Arfak
Day 07 Arfak
Day 08 arfak
Day 09 arfak – Jayapura
Day 10 Jayapura
Day 11 Jayapura
Day 12 Jayapura – next destination


June 2019
Waigeo, 10 – 15, space available
Arfak, 16 – 20, space available

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