Halmahera Birding

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Halmahera Birding

Halmahera lies farther to the east of Wallace’s Line than Sulawesi and consequently its avifauna contains a higher proportion of Australasian elements. Few birdwatchers have visited Halmahera, yet some of the world’s rarest and least-known birds occur here, including wallace’s greatest find – the Standardwing bird of paradise, Ivory breasted Pitta, Drummer rail…

Duration: 5 days
Starting city: Ternate
Ending city: Ternate
Physical difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Focus: Birding
Bird Photography: is the best, special the Halmahera’s bird endemic
Walking condition: the walking ranges from easy to moderate
Type of Land Transport & Road: We will use minibus or cars. Road is some part in good condition and some part in bad condition.
Min group size: 2 persons
Max group size: 10 persons
Day 01 :Jakarta – Ternate – Halmahera.
Upon arrival in Ternate airport then transfer by car to the Kotabaruharbour in Ternate then by speed boat takes 45 minutes to reach Sofifiharbour, from here we will drive about 10 Minutes to reach Bolote hotel in Sofifi then direct birding in KalibatuPutih for Common Paradise Kingfisher, Sombre Kingfisher, White & Blue Kingfisher, and Night birding for MoluccanScops Owl.
Day 02 :Fullday Birding in Sidanggoli / Kali BatuPutih, KM 12
Breakfast at 04.30 and leave the Hotel at 5 AM, from the hotel to the birding site about 45 minutes driving. Our birds target are: Common paradise kingfisher, Sombre kingfisher, Blue and white kingfisher, Ivory-breasted Pitta, Blyt’h Hornbill, Goliatcoucal, Golden bulbul.

Day 03 :Aketajawe NP – Subaim / Poli
Morning birding in Aketajawe NP for Ivory breasted Pitta, Variable dwarf Kingfisher, Azure Kingfisher, Blue and White Kingfisher, Sombre Kingfisher, Paradise crow, Long billed Crow, Blyths Hornbill. Lunch at local restaurant and after lunch we should drive to Subaim/Poli for overnight stay.

Day 04 :Poli – Sofifi – Ternate
Early morning we need to be at the Lek of the Poli, this location of one of the display trees of the rare and magnificent bird of Wallace’s standardwing. late afternoon we will go back to Sofifi for 4 hours driving the catch the speedboat back Ternate for overnight.

Breakfast at the hotel and then we transfer by car to ternate airport for next destination. End of the trip.

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