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Noah Strycker

Monal and I had a great seven days on this island, and I hope I can return someday to see those few endemics I missed this time. You can see photos of many of these birds on Monal’s website and get inspired to visit Sulawesi, too!

Fiona Hume

What a wonderful seven days birding in Sulawesi, thanks to Monal, Anes and Sukri. My seven days with Sultan Bird Tours was just brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much to Monal, Anes and Sukri.

West Papua Birding

West Papua of Indonesia has 322 of the endemics of the island of New Guinea (94 %), compared to Papua New Guinea’s 294 (86 %). West Papua is also considered the safer alternative to PNG for seeing birds-of-paradise

Flores Birdwatching

Flores Birdwatching, Flores Bird and Wildlife Photography Trip
Birdwathing and Bird Photography in Flores cover area of the hot birding site including Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Puarlolo, Around Ruteng, GoloLusang, Lake RanaMese, PocoRanaka, Pagal and Kisol.

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