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sultan-birding-indonesiaSultan Birding Tours Indonesia is a local birding tour operator in Indonesia and based in Manado of North Sulawesi. The company is owned and run by Mohamad Naliko known as ‘Monal Capellone, a professional and experienced tour operator and bird guide who was born and grew up in Gorontalo and married to Nining Ahmad. This warm-hearted couple has been blessed with a smart and talented son, Sultan, whose name is used as the company name.

Since 1997, Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia has been offering and handling a range of private and small group birding trips throughout Indonesia covering West Papua Birding, West Papua Birdwatching and bird photography in west papua, Sulawesi birdwatching and bird photography, Sulawesi Birding, Halmahera Birding, Java Birding, Bali Birding, Flores Birding and Lesser Sunda Birding allowing birders to select from a variety of destinations. The birding trip packages offered in this website are all custom-tailored at most reasonable and flexible way to suit your budget and time!

Reputation, excellent service and flexible are three of the company’s most important guidelines. The team of Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia boasts a good number of returning birders from around the world which then taken as rewards to the team’s efforts in making every birding trip successful and a unique and unforgettable experience to every birder in their conduct.

With warm regards,

Mohamad Naliko (Monal Capellone)
The founder & Tour Operator

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email: info@sultan-birding.com
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WhatsApp: +62 812 4404 882
alternative email: sultanbirdingtours@gmail.com

Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia – The Team

Mohamad Naliko (Monal Capellone)

Mohamad Naliko (Monal Capellone)


He is the founders of Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia. He has a strong passion for both bird photography and birdwatching, and when not leading tours, he likes to visit the forest with his camera as photography is one of his favourite hobby. He shoots with Canon gear. On october 2015 monal bought the new Camera Canon EOS 7D Mark II with Canon lens EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM. All the bird pictures in this website were taken by Monal from his birding trip in Sulawesi, Halmahera, West Papua, Bali and Flores. All the bird pictures in this website were taken by Monal from his birding trip in Sulawesi, Halmahera, West Papua, Bali and Flores.

He is also a professional bird guide/leader which brought him to travel, organizing and conducting birding trips to many remote areas throughout the islands of Indonesia. Monal is an energetic and looks rather unique for a bird guide with his very long hair down to his waist, with smile always on his face, he is extremy friendly an helpful person. Despite the look, he can be very serious when in pursue for target birds in every birding trip he is handling but also very relaxed and funny guy when job done properly and professionally.

Nining Ahmad

Nining Ahmad

Accounting manager

Nining Ahmad is Monal’s wife whose position in Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia is as Accounting Manager. She used to work as a manager at a famous souvenir shop in Manado located next to Monal’s former office where she off course met Monal and they both fell in love and got married.

In Sultan Birding Tours, she is also in charge of managing the tour logistics.





She has been working with Sultan Birding Tours Indonesia since in 2010, concentrating primarily on ticketing and trip schedule. She loves traveling than anything else, she always has a look at the colorful birds.


Birding Guide

He is an experienced bird guide. He lives near Tangkoko Nature Reserve and knows the area very well and he will show you the birds of Tangkoko. Anes – a very keen forest birder, who knows the bird calls, has stake-outs for good birds and, importantly, sees non-moving birds.




Birding Guide

1.威氏丽色极乐鸟Wilson’s Bird of Paradise
2.红极乐鸟Red Bird of Paradise
3.十二线风鸟Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise
4.王风鸟king bird of paradise
5.小极乐鸟Lesser bird of paradise
6.阿法六线风鸟Arfak Six-wired Parotia(Western Parotia)
7.华美极乐鸟Superb Bird of Paradise​ ​
8.麗色風鳥Magnificent Bird of Paradise​
9. ​黑镰嘴风鸟​Black billed Sicklebill​ ​
10. 褐色园丁鸟Vogelkop Bowerbird​ ​

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